Who are we?

Café Duskaia stands out as a Nicaraguan coffee brand, specializing in the production, processing, and marketing of organic gourmet coffee. Backed by a family cooperative led by eight entrepreneurial sisters and comprised of 45 local producers, our company is committed to excellence at every stage of the process.

From seed to cup, Duskaia Coffee takes pride in offering the highest quality products, grown with passion and care in the fertile lands of Nicaragua. Our dedication to sustainability, quality, and equity in the supply chain positions us as leaders in the gourmet coffee industry.

The Caturra, Catuaí, and Maragogipe varieties of the Arabica species are meticulously selected, ensuring exceptional quality in every bean. The farm is certified by OCIA International, ensuring that each step of the process is carried out according to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

At Duskaia Coffee LLC, we understand that every living being is an integral part of the cycle of life. That’s why we are dedicated not only to producing exceptional coffee but also to protecting and preserving the environment around us. We implement soil management practices, forest conservation, and water resource conservation to minimize our impact on the environment. With a focus on innovation and community collaboration, Café Duskaia is more than just a coffee brand; it is a symbol of local pride and a source of opportunities for Nicaraguan producers. We are committed to the sustainable growth of our community and to delighting coffee lovers worldwide.





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